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The Best in Daily Life is a website and research project conceived, designed and maintained by multidisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, and health care professionals at Sainte Justine Hospital (CHU Sainte-Justine) and the University of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Principal researchers
Thuy Mai Luu, MD, MSc Pediatrician, CHU Sainte-Justine
Julie Gosselin, PhD
Professor, School of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal
Researcher, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre

Thierry Karsenti, PhD
Canada Research Chair, Information and Communication Technologies in Education, University of Montreal
Sylvana Côté, PhD
Professor, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal
Dominique-Claire Walker, PhD
Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and Dept. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University; Researcher, Douglas Institute in Mental Health, McGill University

Project Coordinator
Perrine Peckre, Occupational Therapist

Catherine Fouron, MEd, Web Design
Anne-Marie Léonard, MSc, Research Assistant
Danielle Buch, Medical Writer, Applied Clinical Research Unit, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre, Translation, Critical Review, Rewrites
Josiane Roulez, Medical Editor
Initial Module Development
Catherine Chaput, MScOT
Valérie KempaMScOT
Julie Poitras, MScOT
Catherine Roussy-Dulude, MScOT
Audrey Charpentier Demers, MScOT

Critical Review
Suzanne Bois, Physiotherapist
Audrey Duquette, Educational Psychologist
Karine Gagnon, Occupational Therapist
Annie Lacroix, Nurse Specialist
Marie-Claude Leboeuf, Occupational Therapist
Geneviève Lupien, Physiotherapist
Manuela Materassi, Physiotherapist
Catherine Matte, Physiotherapist
Isabelle Millette, Nurse practitionner, Neonatalogy and Development
Christine Montmigny, Physiotherapist
Karine Picard, Social Worker
Hélène Sabourin, Physiotherapist
Mélissa Savaria, Nurse
Edith Théberge, Physiotherapist
Claudine Amiel-Tison, Pediatrician, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, Paris Descartes University (Paris V); prior Director of Research, INSERM, France
Gloria Jeliu, Pediatrician (developmental), Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal

Special thanks to… all the babies and their parents who devoted precious time to this project.

Sarah Halmarson and Xavier Roy, who narrated the videos.
Ginette Mantha
, Founder of Préma-Québec, and Katharina Staub, Founder of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, for their support and valuable suggestions.


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