Forms to fill out

declaration of birth and application for MATERNITY/PATERNITY LEAVE

Declaration of Birth (for Birth Certificate)

  • To be sent in within 30 days of birth
  • Important for Canada Child Tax Benefit, Universal Child Care Benefit, Medicare card, and Quebec Child Assistance benefits
  • Apply online or send in completed form
  • Paper form can be obtained from hospital staff and returned by mail or directly to hospital staff (e.g. nurse)
  • Hospital staff will provide Attestation of Birth, indicating date, time, and place of birth; sex of baby; and mother’s mailing address
  • For further information, see provincial website. In Quebec:

Maternity and Paternity Leave Benefits

  • Apply online or by phone
  • For Quebec residents:
  • Documents needed
    • Social insurance number
    • Direct deposit information (sample cheque or bank statement)


You have a number of options that allow you to take care of the baby in a way that works best for you.

Delaying QPIP Benefits

  • In Quebec, maternity/paternity/parental leave benefits can be delayed until the baby is discharged from hospital (but no later than 52 weeks following birth)
  • Benefits can then begin once the baby gets home and continue for the amount of time originally planned
  • Contact : Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)

                      Telephone: 1-888-610-7727 (toll-free)
  • Within the first week of birth

  • Open file
  • Request delay in QPIP benefits
  • On baby’s discharge from hospital
    • Contact QPIP right away to begin receiving benefits and avoid losing weeks
    • Documents required: Proof of hospitalization, showing length of hospital stay
  • Remember to request a delay in benefits if planning sick leave or PCIC (see below)

Sick Leave Benefits

  • You may be able to claim sick leave from your employer’s medical insurance plan
    • Applies to either mother or father of baby
    • For further information, contact employer
    • Documents needed: medical certificate for person claiming sick leave
    • To obtain certificate, see family doctor or walk-in clinic for a medical exam (for self, not baby)
  • Example: While the mother is on Maternity Leave (QPIP benefits), the father can claim sick leave. Once he is no longer on sick leave, the father can claim his 5 weeks’ Paternity Benefits at any time during the 52 weeks following the baby’s birth.
  • Request delay in QPIP benefits (see above) for the person receiving sick leave, as QPIP benefits will begin only AFTER termination of sick leave benefits. The duration of QPIP benefits may otherwise be affected.

Canada Employment Insurance (Special Benefits) – Benefits for Parents of Critically Ill Children (PCIC)

  • For parents taking time off work to care for a critically ill or injured child
  • Maximum 35 weeks over the course of one year (52 weeks)
    May be taken by one parent or split between the two
  • Eligibility
    Very preterm birth (before 33 weeks’ gestation)
    Baby admitted to hospital
    Baby’s expected hospital stay at least 28 days
    Minimum requirement: 600 insurable hours for Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Application
    • Within the first 28 days of birth
    • Online or by telephone

          Local Canada Employment Centre
           Telephone: 1-800-206-7218

  • Documents required: medical certificate for the baby (signed by a medical specialist)
  • Request delay in QPIP benefits (see above), as QPIP will not be paid during PCIC benefit period
  • On baby’s discharge from hospital
    • Call Service Canada: 1-800-206-7218
    • Reinstate QPIP: 1-888-610-7727
    • Documents required: Proof of hospitalization, showing length of hospital stay
If baby dies, What happens to maternity/ paternity leave? 
  • The mother retains the right to any remaining weeks of Maternity Leave (total 16-18 weeks).
    The father receives a one-week benefit (week of bereavement), even if he has already received the 5-week Paternity Leave
    If you are on Parental Leave when the baby dies, the only benefit that applies is the one week of bereavement

Contact a QPIP representative (1-888-610-7727) to check your rights and options, as personal details vary and other regulations may apply.



Income Security
If you receive social assistance benefits, contact your agent to add the baby to the file. Bring your Declaration of Birth or Birth Certificate. Specify that you are breastfeeding, if you are.

If you plan to send your child to a Quebec daycare before age 2 years, it is best to sign up the baby now. There is an online centralized waiting list for all Quebec daycares, at:

Baby born preterm
If the baby was born before 29 weeks’ gestation and/or weighing less than 1000 g and you are a Quebec resident, you are entitled to benefits to offset the cost of travel back and forth from the hospital. Benefits are paid up to age 1 to age 2 years, depending on the case. The doctor has to fill out one section of the form.

  • For further information:
    Supplement for Handicapped Children: 
    Telephone: Montreal: 514-864-3873
    Quebec City: 418-643-3381
    Elsewhere in Quebec: 1-800-667-9625 (toll free)
  • Form is available from hospital staff
  • Fill out parents’ section of the form a few weeks before the baby’s discharge from the hospital

Multiple births
Quebec offers a one-time benefit of $6000 for triplets and $8000 for quadruplets. There is no form to fill out, the payment is automatic once the hospital has advised Quebec Health and Social Services (Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux). The amount will be sent out about 2 months after the babies’ discharge from the hospital.

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