• Raising the bar: choosing toys geared to your child’s learning level

    When a child accomplishes something, s/he looks for greater challenges. Here are several ways of kindling your child’s natural curiosity.

    Increase the level of complexity. For example, when stacking rings, the baby learns to orient one object relative to the others. As long as the central column is rigid, the exercise can be done using only one hand. However, when threading beads onto a string, both hands are required. This involves a greater degree of precision and coordination.

    Pay particular attention to the size and weight of the toys you provide. Toys have to be comfortable enough for the child to hold, manipulate with one or both hands, and carry. You want the level of difficulty to challenge the child’s fine motor skills and endurance level, but not so much so that the child tires easily or gets frustrated. Observe your child at play and choose toys accordingly.

    Raising the bar – Stacking and threading

  • Increasing precision

    As the child gets older and more adept, precision improves. She can handle smaller objects. She will want to do things that become progressively more complex, like eating with a fork and doing arts and crafts.

    Help baby with precision training by playing with smaller toys and asking for specific shapes and spatial orientations.

    Raising the bar – Sorting by shape, size, and direction


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