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Some infants arch their backs during feeding and suddenly throw their head backward, flinging their legs out. If the child is older, you may unwittingly get hurt. The solution is to hold the baby in such a way that he’s less likely to do that.

Tips for holding the baby:

  • Support the baby’s back so it is straight
  • Rest the baby against you with his legs flexed at the hip and knee
  • Make sure there is nothing for the feet to push onto
  • Keep the arms centred forward
  • Keep the ears in line with the shoulders
  • Let the baby’ hands play on the bottle or breast

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Tips for yourself while feeding baby

  • Keep your back straight; use your abdominal muscles for back support
  • Hold the baby close to your body, as it is tiring to reach out at arm’s length
  • Cradle the baby in one arm, keeping his arms and legs slightly bent
  • If you are sitting on a chair, cross your legs such that baby’s knees are higher than the hips; alternatively, you might try sitting cross-legged on the bed or the floor, with the baby comfortably between your legs

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  • If you are standing, cradle the baby’s head in the crook of your arm, your hand under his bottom. Make sure the baby’s back is straight. Use your other arm for extra support.


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