If your baby has certain health issues, he may have to be tube-fed for a while. This means that you will have to wait before being able to give him milk and other foods. Nonetheless, the baby will have to develop a desire to eat and drink. This means associating the mouth with pleasant feelings.

Some infants who were tube-fed for long periods of time are not used to taking anything by mouth. Indeed, through disuse, some babies develop an aversion to anything in or around the mouth area. To help your child link the mouth with pleasant sensations, try the following.

Tips for pleasant stimulation of the mouth area:

  • Pass a wet washcloth onto the mouth; let the baby suck on it
  • Put tiny bits of food on a finger or toy so the baby gets used to different tastes and textures
  • Encourage baby to bring hands to mouth
  • Put your finger gently into the baby’s mouth
  • stimuler son visage par des jeux de chatouilles, des pressions, des bisous;
  • Stimulate the face with touch, gentle tickles, and kisses
  • Offer vibrating teething rings
  • Put food into a fishnet for baby to suck on; make sure no pieces can get through
  • When the baby’s teeth come out, brush them with a baby toothbrush or an electric toothbrush

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