Day by day – 40 weeks’ gestational age



Play and explore

Once the baby reaches an age corresponding to full-term birth, you can engage in more playful activities. Do stay attentive, though, to the baby’s needs and signs of fatigue. Enjoy the burgeoning new relationship, communication and exploring.

Visual tracking

  • Babies are curious by nature; they like to discover.
  • The baby’s eyes will follow your face or any moving object.
  • Get the baby’s attention with an object that has contrasting colours or makes sounds.
  • When you move the object or your face from one side of the baby’s head to the other, the baby’s eyes will follow.
  • If the baby tires or turns away, it is probably best to stop and try again later.

Baby on tummy – head up

  • When you put the baby on her tummy, she will try to lift her head up off the surface and look to the left and right.
  • To encourage head lifting, hold the baby’s hips, pressing gently downward toward the baby’s feet and mattress.
  • The baby will then find it easier to pull up.
  • You can encourage head-lifting by putting your face or an object where she can see it.
  • If the baby gets tired, it’s best to start again later, so that the activity stays fun!

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