Day by day – In the NICU


Quality time with baby

All too often, hospitals are associated with medicine and health care. Here are a few suggestions on how to spend quality time with your baby, just for the fun of it and for tender loving care, even while in hospital.

Transferring baby to crib

  • You can support the baby on her tummy, rock her, and then gently put her back into the crib on her tummy or back.
  • To soothe the baby, keep your movements slow and hold the baby with the flat of your hands.
  • Always make sure that all tubing is safely out of the way.

holding the baby

  • You can hold or rock the baby in cradle position, which is soothing and comforting for both parent and baby.
  • Hold the baby in such a way that the baby’s body is slightly curved, with hips and bottom flexed forward. This position offers support and prevents the baby from pushing backwards.
  • The cradle hold is calming for the baby and allows for maximum interaction.

Oral Hygiene

  • If you cleanse the baby’s mouth with a bit of breast milk, the baby gets used to the taste.
  • Pleasant and gentle stimulation around the mouth and lips helps prepare the baby for oral feedings.
  • If the baby squirms or turns away, try again later. This should be a pleasant experience for both of you.

Changing diaper with baby on the side

  • Diaper changes with baby on the side means less disturbance for the baby and little change in position.
  • The baby can therefore rest for longer stretches at a time and reserve his energy for more interesting interactions.
  • A warmed washcloth reduces temperature differences, such that the baby isn’t woken or stressed.

Changing the pulse oximeter

  • Massaging the baby’s foot when changing the pulse oximeter gives the baby a soothing, deep pressure massage that helps the baby stay calm.
  • Although you’re providing the necessary health care, you are also giving the baby pleasant, quality time with you.





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